Student Co-Responsibilities - HOM V: The Southwest

 -- Our time in the field this summer will require contributions of varying types from all our participants.  In addition to the assigned Co-Responsibilities, everyone will be called upon to offer their efforts in various other ways to help make the trip a success.

  • Food Advisors - Provide input on food choices and options.
  •  Medic - Administer light first aid and make first aid kit available when needed [mostly for minor cuts and scrapes].
  • Trash Monitors - Ensure that the insides of vehicles are clean by way of encouraging/scheduling people to clean up after themselves.  It is not the Trash Monitor's job to clean up after other people! 
  • Pharmacist - Provide a daily chewable vitamin C to help boost everyone's immune system. 
  • Key Masters - Keep extra car keys and return to vehicles to retrieve items when necessary.
  • Packers - Help pack vehicles in the morning for scheduled departures. 
  • Counter - Provide pre-departure head count after stops to help ensure that no one is left behind. 
  • Window Washer - Wash car windows at fuel stops.
  • Alarm Clock - Makes sure that all rooms have a wake up call scheduled which corresponds to our set departure time. 
--- Dr. Carriker.

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