History on the Move V: The Southwest (2011) - Intro Movie


This video provides a good intro to the places History on the Move V will travel to this summer. We're looking to depart on May 21st and return about June 10th. It is a round trip route. We spend two nights in multiple spots, including Santa Fe, Durango, Colorado, the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, and San Antonio. It is awesome.  I can take up to fourteen people. 

Throughout the trip we will use the historic sites, museums, landscapes, and places to create a physical context for understanding the history of the Southwest.  From early American Indian cultures to Spanish explorations, U.S. acquisition & settlement, through the modern ear of extractive mining, environmental challenges, and urbanization the Southwest stands as one of the most historically diverse, culturally rich, and geographically impressive regions in the United States.  The history, art, and architecture of Santa Fe is phenomenal.  The San Juan Mountains of Durango, Colorado are spectacular.  The whitewater rafting is intense (much more challenging than the Salmon River). The Anasazi cliff dwellings of Mesa Verde will challenge your perceptions of our past.  Southern Utah is awe inspiring with the red rock canyons and cliffs to amaze you (like no other place in the world) .  The hike into the Grand Canyon is challenging but rewarding beyond words.  Las Vegas is a sight to behold.  Arizona defies expectations. And more and more and more. 

The cost, which includes just about everything, is $2,780. 

More info?  Contact Dr. Carriker in HLG 554; Phone: 482-6900

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