Grand Canyon - North Rim

Grand Canyon from Cape Royal Viewpoint - North Rim
--- When History on the Move V visits the Grand Canyon at the end of May, we will spend two nights in historic log cabins, tour the historic lodge, and experience the canyon by hiking down the North Kaibab Trail (the only maintained trail into the canyon from the North Rim).  Even a short hike into the canyon changes a person's perspective on its enormous scale.

North Kaibab Trail Headed Toward Roaring Springs
The hike will begin first thing in the morning and has three options:  Coconino Overlook is only a mile and a half (round trip) an provides a nice view from below the rim; the Supai Tunnel is worth the extra effort (4 miles round trip) plus it has a water fountain; the trip to Roaring Springs is more strenuous, takes you deeper into the canyon (almost 10 miles round trip), and is tremendously rewarding.  Roaring Springs is as far as a person should hike on a day trip and the bottom of the canyon, at the Colorado River, is still another ten miles away.

North Kaibab Trail
-- R. Carriker

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