Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi

Bird alighting before nesting in the church's eaves
When the Spanish began efforts to colonize New Mexico in 1598, Franciscan friars followed along intending to convert the native peoples to Christianity. The first church was built when Santa Fe became a city in 1610. The church was torn down in 1680 due to the Pueblo Revolt. The Spanish returned in 1693 unable to build another church until 1714, dedicating it to Saint Francis of Assisi, Patron Saint of Santa Fe. By 1869 the church was reconstructed as a Cathedral and elevated to a Basilica in 2005.

St. Francis Preaching to The Birds

The Cathedral Basilica of Saint Francis of Assisi is considered to be one of Santa Fe's most beloved landmarks. The first morning I took a stroll about town I was astounded by the abundance of birds bustling around the church. Their singing enchanted my ears. I thought it fitting that so many birds were attracted to this church; as St. Francis is famed as the saint who prayed especially with birds. I took a closer look, to discover that the birds were nesting in the church's eaves! I walked the grounds whistling with the birds until I was reminded of the time by the bells of morning mass. Suddenly I realized I had been delighting with the birds for over an hour!  How fitting!           
-Beau Lemoine

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Suzy Lemoine said...

I hear your voice... what a wonderful adventure you are having... Love the tone of your blog - and really, I can hear you whistling with the birds.