End of the Day - Week I

Kristen talking to the class in Torrey, UT.

Whitney talking to the class in Moab, UT.
--- Time is flying past on the fifth installment of History on the Move.  Tonight we are in Torrey, Utah which is just outside of Capitol Reef National Park.  Our day began with a 5:00 AM hike into the Colorado River canyons outside of Moab and proceeded to a strenous hike in Arches National Park, a visit to Dead Horse Point State Park, a quick stop at the site of a Japanese Internment Camp, some time at the John W. Powell History Museum in Green River, UT, and a great dinner at a burger joint in Torrey, Utah.
At the end of each day the students stand up and tell the group something that they learned that day.  Each person is more thoughtful and reflective than the next and it serves as a reminder that there are things to learn (about the past, our natural environment, and/or ourselves) around every bend.

-- Dr. C.

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Anonymous said...

Hello again historyonthemovers--
These are all wonderful blogs and photos(though the schedule for Saturday did sound quite demanding--good thing your young(or at least young at heart!) Thanks again for the updates!
Rick and Nancy Keller-Scholz