Crisco me up Scotty

Logs lodged forming a ladder
Sometimes you have to surrender your ego and rely on other people's help.  Especially when exploring a tight crevasse like the one I attempted to squeeze in at Moonflower Canyon Petroglyhps in Moab, Utah. 

The plan was to make a 5 a.m hike before leaving for Arches National Park, giving us just enough time to find a way to the top of the cliff, and watch the sunrise paint the smooth sandstone rusty.  We played on the cliff top, looking on the small world below us and the vast world still above us.
Our last stop was to observe the Petroglyphs along the cliff wall.  Next to them I noticed a slender crevasse winding up the wall. To my surprise, there were several thick logs jammed between the crevasse, forming a crafty ladder.  Dr. Carriker interpreted that Native Peoples put the logs in there to climb up the cliff. Daringly, I attempted to climb but struggled to slither up the tight space. But my luck! Two campers were in the area and offered to oil me up with Cryico to help me slide up the tight space.

Too bad I declined.  I can only wonder what it would have been like to oil up and traverse such a uniquely crafted ladder. 
-Beau Lemoine
"They didn't make this ladder with me or Dr. C in mind"

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Jonathan said...

I think the lubrication would have made things more difficult on a vertical climb.