Hard to Post

---  I have to admit that it has been difficult for the students to find time to blog.  We usually leave around 7:30 in the morning and I set them loose after dinner around 8:30.  Couple this with the fact that we've been in a lot of places that don't have internet access and it is easy to see why there have been so few posts.  They'll  be coming though.  We're in Las Vegas now and we're headed out at 7:30 AM for a day long tour of the Nevada Test Site.

-- Dr. Carriker

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Suzy & Phillip Lemoine said...

Thank you, Dr. C, for taking care of my Beau. What an adventure for all of you! My husband, Phillip, and I are totally impressed with the organization, foreplanning, and organization of this most unique program. As a ULL alum, I am very proud that Beau is getting the best of the best.
Sincerely, Suzy Lemoine.