Keep it Simple

The Simple Life…What comes to mind when you read that? Is it Paris Hilton prancing around a farm pretending to live the rugged life? If so, please push that sorry image out of your head and picture this…rising and falling with the sun, partaking in countless adventures that nature so graciously provides, and best of all NOOOO RENT!!!! Does this spark your interest in going off the grid?  In leaving the bright lights of the big city for the night lights in the sky? While rafting in the Piedra River, this life seemed all too appealing. Having been fortunate enough to have guides that understand the river we rafted as well as the living simple life, our group was given a crash course in living off grid. No telling if it was our  “easy on the eyes” guides (Delfo and Sammie), the natural beauty of our surroundings, or a combination of both, but a lot of our group began to ponder the benefits of living the simple life.
Hilary, Claire, Me, Delfo, and Maegan
  Don’t get me wrong, the guys did not make the life seem like it was all sunshine and rainbows. Having to constantly worry if you will have enough food, the loneliness that sometimes creeps up on you when you least expect, and the distinct odor that seems to become synonymous with your person are all reasons why people hesitate before committing to going off the grid. However, the fact that countless people in the Colorado area willingly trade in their four walls and a roof for a tent or a broken down bus is a testament to the fact that the benefits out weigh the trials. Living off the land that has been so splendidly made by the Man above, picking up and heading out on an extended vacation at the drop of a hat, and knowing that what you are doing at any given time is exactly what you want to be doing, what you are choosing to do is the glue that keeps so many stuck to the simple life. Most of these men and women are college educated individuals who could have gone into any career they chose, but as Sammie explained the lifestyle is a choice between what you have been told is right and what  you love. I am not sure if I would ever be able to fully live off the grid, but the principles behind the simple life I truly hope I am able to follow in my life. If something makes me happy, I pray that I have the ability to stick to what I believe! I hope that while I may stay on the grid, I take the time to get “dialed in” and appreciate the wonders around me.-Whitney Petree


History on the Move said...

-- Whitney knows that I appreciate her perspective on the "Simple Life" and she also know that I think the guys who proclaim the glories of living in a van or bus without any rent are only living what amounts to a temporary foot loose and fancy free existence. Add a family and responsibility to one's life (and those are good things) and living in the back seat of a bus becomes kind of "limiting." For a summer . . . maybe. For a decade . . . . uh . . . not so much!

Anonymous said...

It is the principles of the living simple life that are so appealing!! Besides Dr. C, didn't I hear someone say they wanted to be a raft guide? Or was that on the same level as the bloody amphitheatre?

History on the Move said...

Fair enough. I toyed with the idea of being a river guide. To tell the truth I'm far too much of wimp.

-- Dr. C.