Naming Nuclear Weapons

  The Nevada Test Site, otherwise known as the Nevada National Security Site, there have been hundreds of different kinds of research and tests throughout the site’s history.  What is surprising is the amount of effort and research that is still found there today.
     This would be why I chose not to take a rock to represent each place I have been.
I think I will live not having a rock from here, and possibly longer due to it!
  One of the major accomplishments, not to all, would be that of the successful nuclear tests that the majority were done from 1945 into the early 1960’s.  The nuclear tests had names that ranged from Trinity (being the first in 1945) to Badger (1953) and even Priscilla (1957).  The naming process was actually quite interesting since there were originally a list of possible names submitted for all of them.  The names were then divided so that there would not be any inappropriate names on anything the government would have issued and then the list was sent to the U.S. Department of Energy Headquarters in Washington D.C.  An updated list was then sent back to the Nevada Test Site in order for them to be used in the future, if not used at that time.
  Another interesting fact was that before the astronauts landed on the moon in 1969, they were instructed to follow a training mission that was held at the Nevada Test Site.  This mission was mainly a focus for them to be briefed by geologists in order to understand what they would be looking for once they did land.  They chose this area because they thought that it was the closest that they could get to the terrain that would be found in the area that they would land on the moon.  I thought that this was quite interesting!

Maegan Smith

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