Roadside Riches

If the trip has radically altered anything, it's my sense of distance. At one point, a drive of 431 miles would have seemed an impossible feat for a single day, but now I know it can be done (with only minimal highway fatigue)! These kinds of day-long drives can only be pulled off without loss of sanity by stopping to see what delightfully kitschy attractions the roadside has to offer. My personal favorite? That would have to be the New Mexico's giant roadrunner built of trash (or treasure, depending upon your perspective).
This bird is constructed of old shoe soles, computer keyboards, and likely anything else you can imagine. Of course, this creation prompted some questions such as, "why don't we call this litter?" If not simply for the fact that we were allowed a ten-minute pit stop, the roadrunner exemplifies the kinds of gems that can be found only along America's roadways. If you dig deep enough, you can surely find some cultural significance in it, but to do so is almost spoiling the fun of a giant roadrunner made of g-a-r-b-a-g-e! So, do yourself a favor:  don't analyze it, just do what I believe are the two essentials of any stop in the desert:  hydrate and appreciate.
- Daniel Manuel

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Anonymous said...

I'll start the chant; you lead the march! HYDRATE, APPRECIATE!