The Simple Pleasures

Silverton, CO
  Cell phones, internet, social networking, anything to stay connected with other people on a constant basis, seems to be the norm for today's world.  The luxury of picking up or turning on your device and instantly connecting to the world is right at your fingertips.  Then of course there is usually a grocery store around the corner or just down the road for everyone's convenience to pick up quick groceries and bring them home in a timely manner.

  The real luxury, however, should be the idea of being self-sufficient on the land around you and to be forgiving to the land.  Living simply is what many strive to do, but what only a small amount actually achieve.  The transition from intense social connection to a more simple and forgiving lifestyle can be very rough, but is seemingly worthwhile.  
Silverton, CO
  Ever since the beginning, humans have been constantly dependent on nature, but today we seem to forget just how dependent on it we really are.  Living in the city, I have made my own garden from a box in which an old tree had been.  Trying to be able to have fresh vegetables and fruits is quite hard, however, when living in a small apartment and not much space to grow them.  Understanding why people would want to go out into nature and live off of the land becomes so much more appealing once you start the move to being more self-sufficient.  
  Just imagining how the men and women before our time could live and learn from the land and the animals is simply fascinating.  So, then, why should it be so hard for one to go back to the simple forms in life?  To live off of what you can grow and hunt, as well as not wasting what can be used should become a priority.  Choosing just what is needed and not necessarily wanted is the trick, but that is the first step that needs to be taken to be able to enjoy the simple pleasures that nature already provides for us.

Maegan Smith

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