This is your brain on Vegas

Now that I have toured Las Vegas, Nevada, I am thinking about submitting this advertisement to its tourism committee. “Left your imagination at home? No worries, Las Vegas got you covered.”

Psychedelic ceiling forest
Vegas is an imagination roller-coaster! Honestly, you need bring nothing but an appetite to digest all that will be served to your eyes, mind, and body. One word it never deserves is—boring. The hotels are works of art, the fountains act as public performances, and the shopping is just an Elvis impersonator away!

The Bellagio hotel and casino took me on one extreme, imaginative ride. Immediately through the revolving door I was sped into a lobby strait out of a Tim Burton film. A psychedelic forest hung above me. Giant glass blown mushrooms extended from the ceiling, inviting me to give them a little tug and float on away.
Think I'd name these two smooth guys "Cool Haze"

Then I was looped-d-looped back in time into a lounge styled like a classic Sinatra era piano-bar. Classic music swelled from the piano-man and his bass player. Cigarette smoke lingered over cool folks drinking bourbon fashioned on the rocks, smoothly slurring joyful words.

Two completely opposite themes under one roof! Without a doubt, the Las Vegas imagination roller-coaster sure whipped my head back and forth. Poo-yi!

-Beau Lemoine

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Mammie said...

OMG - this blog was so entertaining, Beau! You nailed it! Can't wait until you can repeat this trip with your Belle!
What a treat all of the blogs are.... and what a trip!