The first moose sighting of...any trip.

As a veteran History on the Mover, I can attest to the many promises made by the leader of our expedition that we would come across various forms of regional wildlife. I was told I would see moose on so many occasions at so many different places that I, like many of my fellow students, came to believe they simply did not exist. It was a conspiracy. (Not really, but it was fun to make a fuss about it.)

Alas, we have all been proven wrong this evening at Earthquake Park, here in Anchorage. We came across a mama moose and her calf, grazing a hillside. Soon they moved up to some meadows and tree lined areas, to some our dismay, near the trail. 

--  R. Carriker here: Yes, there have been various points in the past where we thought that moose sightings were going to happen, but they never did.  On this day it all changed and I do believe that more moose are in our future.

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