The Fragility of Life Personified

Here she is going overboard on Six Mile Creek near Sunrise, Alaska.  WOW!

              This is a story of a student who connected with Alaskan wilderness on the Six Mile Creek. Some might say she jumped out the raft, while others recall differently. Some say mother nature embraced her in a passionate hug, while others call it a slap in the face. I, myself, believe it was tough love. What most don't recall is that the student tempted fate. Before rafting the Six Mile Creek River, she joked about the fate of the group, reminiscing about the "fragility of life" before a dangerous level 4 & 5 level whitewater rafting trip. It is obvious that she tempted destiny, Poseidon, karma, or another wrathful entity. While the student escaped with her life, the Alaskan wilderness waits for her to return someday, hoping to continue the embrace. The student refuses to accept, since she has learned her lesson between a rock and a hard place, quite literally.

Sarah Vining

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