The Lone Wolf

If you are a follower of History on the Move then you probably know that it’s a program through ULL. And you probably would assume that all of the students attending the trip to Alaska either attend UL or have previously attended the university. That is just not the case! I am the lone wolf. I am a proud member of the LSU family. I wear my purple and gold with a smile on my face. BUT… coming on this trip with two UL professors and thirteen UL students has helped me realize that I can accessorize with that Ragin’ Cajun red!

The only person I knew when coming to Alaska was Tori Latiolais. I met her working at the local Piggly Wiggly. She is quite a character and I knew that if I didn’t make any other friends I’d be okay if I had her. But fortunately enough for Tori, I made plenty of friends here! I have met a very great group of people and we all work very well together. They are a chaotic mixture of funny and smart, weird and cool, shy and whimsical.         
Robyn provides us with plenty of entertainment by performing love-struck dramas. Tori can turn pretty much any situation into a comedy skit. Keagan became one with a porcupine puppet name Quilliam Athabascus, III, Master Furrier. Stephen took a dip in a mud volcano. Mike speaks of crazy things when he has too much caffeine. Kristen the animal lover refuses to eat pork and screams to prevent dogs from being run over by bulldozers. Hilary put an end to the randomizer by letting Dr. Farmer-Kaiser use her auxiliary cord. Jessica crossed a freezing cold creek at Independence Mine. Breanne and Kay perform Disney songs beautifully. Sarah Cruth, our designated medic, was the first to require her own services by spraining her ankle on an intense hike. Aimee showed us her rock-skipping skills at Caines Head. Sarah Vining braved the Category 4 Six-Mile Creek rapids like a champ. The kids danced for us, put us in jail, and reminded us of how beautiful it was to be so young. Mrs. Dawn did a lot of behind-the-scenes work and helped the trip flow. Dr. Carriker and Dr. Farmer-Kaiser have made this a trip that none of us will forget. I think I speak for the whole group when I say we couldn’t thank them enough for the experiences they have provided us. I am so glad I decided to become an honorary Ragin’ Cajun!

-- Alexandra Robin

From Dr. Farmer-Kaiser and Dr. Carriker:  Alex is no lone wolf here. She is forever a part of the HOM "pack." Indeed, and as far as we are concerned, she is always welcome here at UL, and we just hope that LSU knows how lucky it is to have her!

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