Mud Volcanoes and Moose Tracks

The one time I forget to ask, "Hiking boots or tennis shoes?"
Today we took a hike down a small trail in a Wrangell campground to go see mud volcanoes. I guess I was just so entranced with the thought of the volcanoes that I didn’t think about how we would get to them. I believe the phrase “leisurely stroll” was mentioned in reference to the mile hike. Anyway, I decided to wear my sandals since the weather was so nice. I suppose I was lucky that I didn’t wear my tennis shoes because about half of the trail was completely muddy and wet. I had a blast though, walking through the mud others leaped to avoid. Needless to say I was filthy.

The actual mud volcanoes weren’t at all what I expected. In my mind’s eye they were piles of mud seven feet tall and ever oozing. In reality they were patches of wet dirt (very, very, wet dirt) that were slightly bubbling. I suppose I was looking forward to something a little more prehistoric. Across the dry mud between the volcanoes were tons of moose prints. We speculated that the moose might go to the pits to drink, or possibly to dance the night away, we aren’t quite sure.
We also found mud formations that reminded me of giant crawfish holes. Instead of being a few inches around and tall like normal crawfish holes, these were about a foot tall and wide. The discovery of these mounds, the temperature, the multitude of mosquitoes, and the muddiness of the trail made me think that we were just taking a hike back home in Louisiana. I guess it just goes to prove that however far away you may be, home is all around you.

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