The Copper River Princess Wilderness Lodge

Our pre-dinner
Fancy rooms, amazing views, random power outages, and other series of unfortunate events describes HOM’s stay at the Princess Lodge located in Historic Copper River Valley. This particular hotel seemed like the Ritz compared to our previous accommodations out in the wilderness. Although we all enjoyed our time hanging out with mother nature, we were all ready for a shower and white fluffy towels. We first dined at the Lodge a few days before our actual stay. We had a great dinner even with just the “lounge menu.” HOM then relocated to McCarthy for the next three nights. McCarthy is the epitome of small towns with a whopping population of around 40 people and more stray dogs than you could keep track of. We had a wonderful time exploring McCarthy and the mining town, Kennecott. In the back of my mind I could not help but dream about the luxurious Princess Lodge and her allusive hot chocolate and caviar. But we had to stay at the scary Caribou Lodge before we would get to stay at the Princess. We once again ate dinner at the lodge but this night we would all get a little worried about our stay there. As we looked over our menus the electricity suddenly went off.  This put a hold on everything including our dinner. We were all super hungry so this sudden halt on the cooking made us all worried. We considered walking to the nearest McDonald's in Fairbanks( 259 miles away.) After debating about that long walk, one of the HOMers “scavenged” come crackers and butter for us, we ate those to hold us over. We watched the hotels' workers scramble around the hotel grounds trying to fix the power.  Thankfully the power would come back on after a few minutes. We were then able to order our amazing food.
Our view during one of our dinners. 

Sunday would be our first official stay at the lodge. We were so ready for those hot showers and amazing views. But HOMers are always busy with awesome blogs and review sheets so we all got down to business and typed the night away. Despite the erratic elevators and odd colored water our stay was really enjoyable and we also were excited about the few hours of down time. We also got to enjoy a late morning and a great breakfast.  I think my fellow HOMers and my self have come to develop a love/hate relationship with the Princess Lodge. But all in all we made a few weird situations into one great experience. HOM will always brings the party where ever we go.

- Tori Latiolais 


Alfie Hamilton said...

Looks like another must try restaurant. I wonder what kind of desserts and main dishes do they offer in their place.

Alfie McLean said...

Eating up a simple but a healthy breakfast would be more than enough for me, if I'm going to wake up everyday seeing a view as good as this one. I've been missing the breeze of the country side for long now, I think this will be the perfect place for that.

Jessica Fowler said...

The view in your lodge is very calming, peaceful and close to nature. This is exactly the place that I want to live in, if given the chance to move in into a new house, I would choose this kind of setting.

Kate Robinson said...

The view from that photo looks like the perfect accent to an evening dinner. I just wish i could just live in that lodge and gaze at that view everyday. The view is absolutely serene.