A Simple Life

Staying at the Shack Up Inn was one of the most amazing experiences I think I will ever have. The fact that they were actual sharecropper shacks just pulled me in to the history of my heritage. I love learning about my past as both an American and an African American. I loved the rustic feel of it and how cute everything was. On the flip side, I could see how people once lived and how they found community and a new life, albeit not a super great one. I could practically see men and women coming in from the fields they worked, coming home for dinner, using an outhouse, and sleeping in a one room shack, then doing it all over again in the morning. I loved that it was almost exactly like it was back then, just slightly more modern. I cannot wait to get my family out there and helping them to understand their past.

-Shana Sanders
Our quaint little bedroom, which is most likely where the bed was originally.

Our "modernized" kitchen

The view from our front porch.

Looking out at what was possibly the plantation owner's home.
Having a cup of good ole coffee.

The Cadillac Shack!

Abbie on our front porch.

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