Rafting anyone?

One of the best experiences I've had with History on the Move is the ability to go white water rafting! This year we were able to go rafting in the New River Gorge, which is one of the oldest rivers on the Earth.  Also, it gives spectacular scenery along the way as we flow through the rapids.  Along the way we were able to actually get out of the raft, and actually swim through the rapids.  Although it was a small set of rapids, it was still very exciting to experience how hard it is to actually swim through the strong currents. 
From left to right: Dr. Farmer-Kaiser, Danielle, Precious, Faith, Me, Shana, Abbie, and Rambo.  Our guide, Paul, is in the back.
Being able to actually jump out of the raft and swim, is exciting for me because I never have the chance to be able to go out and experience these types of excursions on a daily basis.  This experience is once in a lifetime chance, at least for me, that's how it feels.

I was able to experience rafting in a different setting, in Alaska, and it was really interesting to see the differences in the way the rapids were compared.  For instance, the water was not nearly as cold and the rapids did not seem to be as scary as the ones in Alaska. However, I was also never able to swim in those currents.  

This experience has influenced my life, in a way that gets me to go out and do more rafting in different places.  I was able to experience for a short time how it would feel if I was out of the raft and into the rapid, which is very important to understand when going rafting, in case you do fall out.  I really enjoyed being able to do this with our group, and being able to swim in the rapids with them.

-Sarah Cruth

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