Sheep Talker.

Walking into Colonial Williamsburg was quite interesting. There are people everywhere dressed up in clothing from the 1700s and speaking as they lived in that time, too. Every where I looked there were shops and houses that looked and functioned as if they were still in the colonial times. Places like the armory, jeweler, and a wig maker could all be seen doing their daily jobs. I had never seen people doing these types of jobs before. 
The Armory were the local militia would be armed.
The wig makers apprentice making a wig.
An almost finished product.
The jeweler working with silver.
The group and I started to explore a little bit. We found a very pretty garden behind a house. It had many pretty flowers and butterflies everywhere, too.
A beautiful back yard

One of the last things that we saw were two sheep laying in the grass near the back of that house. They looked like they would have just came off of the ship from England. When Sarah and I started talking to the sheep, they talked back! We were so excited, like little kids. Until one sheep had enough and walked away. It was still fun. Sarah and I got lots of laughs from this fun and unique trip.

-Abbie Deville

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