Black Voices at Harpers Ferry

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All of the commotion caused by the Trayvon Martin case has influenced me to give the situation deeper thought, going beyond the surface.  A general opinion is that everything played out the way it did because of the ethnicity of the criminal and the victim; saying that if ethnicity was reversed, justice would have been served, but it was not because the victim was a young Black male.  People are outraged and appalled that a racial inequality in the courts may be occurring in 2013.

The above thoughts running through my mind is why I began this video saying, "America may not be a perfect place...".  Though the Trayvon Martin case seems extremely unfair to him/his family as victims, and the injustice towards him may be due to ethnicity, we have to look at the positive side - like at least the case was brought to court because once upon a time Blacks could not even testify in court and surely not take a someone else to court.  And no, this does not justify the injustice.

Africans served as slaves for hundreds of years - they were property and did not have any rights.  Even after the hard fight of slaves, free Blacks, and various abolitionists, the Civil War, the Emancipation Proclamation, and the 14th Amendment, Blacks were still denied their rights.  There were constant struggles and it took strength and perserverence to work towards equality.

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