Colonial Williamsburg

During our travels, we went to Colonial Williamsburg. We could have stayed for days here because it was so much fun and it was very educational. Colonial Williamsburg is a town that is based in the 1700s, pretty much a real-life museum that you can experience. While there we walked around talking to actresses and actors (living history performers) that were shoemakers, wig makers, blacksmiths and jewelers. This place was really cool because the the townsfolk that live here cold not act outside of character. 

On the way out we ran into a couple portraying a married slave woman and her husband. She was the housekeeper and he was the stable hand. I tried to get them to act out of character by asking them if they knew who Justin Bieber was. (They responded by telling me that they knew not this man of whom I spoke.) We continued to talk to them for about ten minutes. This was by far the most exciting day we had. Being able to look into the past and, sort of, live it, makes you grateful for living in 2013. We are spoiled because we have technologies and ideas so unfamiliar to people in the 1700s; they would have thought we were aliens. We learn a lot of beneficial things at museums, but this "living history museum" was beyond beneficial because the people were actually making the goods they were selling and they showed us how they made these goods. They were also engaging us. We also learned that at one point Colonial Williamsburg actually recreated a slave auction. There was much criticism of it -- at least before it took place -- but I think that they should really bring it back. That would be very good for the audience to see and to experience the complicated past that created our nation.

-Precious Jackson

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