Everything goes better with Coke!

The famous soft drink Coca-Cola, which is for the most part always shortened to Coke, is one of the most common drinks around the world.  Coke originated in Atlanta, Georgia from the pharmacist, Dr. John S. Pemberton.  This soft drink, later helps create all the different flavors that are now throughout the world.

Shana and me before seeing the Vault.
Our group went to The World of Coke in Atlanta, where we learned about how the Coca-Cola Company started, how the advertising has changed over the years, and about how the pop culture has changed the company.  We also visited the 4-D theater, to enjoy a show about two people trying to make Coca-Cola, which was interesting to learn about how it is distributed all over the world, and have laughs as the water sprays you or getting poked in the back, as if getting stung.  However, our favorite part was the taste testing, where you taste different drinks from all the different continents.  One of their most famous drinks is the Beverly, which is from Italy. I was not able to get to all of the different flavors, there were a few I liked, such as the Fanta Exotic.  The different tastes were exciting to try and see how other people enjoy the different flavors.  We all tried the different types, however most of them were not the same as the regular Coca-Cola.

-Sarah Cruth 

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