Greensboro Singer

Today we went to the National American History Museum, where we experienced a remake of the Greensboro Lunch Sit-In. This Sit-In was where 4 black guys made the decision to sit at the lunch table and were denied service. They did this every day for 6 months and were not physically assaulted. This sit-in was very successful because this place did change their rule and started to serve blacks and whites. This proves that peaceful protest do work.

The best part about this was the lady who did this demonstration for us was very lively. When this demonstration started, I said, who is the person that is singing? I was thinking this is the soundtrack from the civil rights days. I was instantly shocked when the lady that I had just helped put the chairs out was singing. She was incredibly clear with helping us understand what happened. She was all about getting the audience to interact with her so we could grasp what was going on. Plus she is an AMAZING singer!

Precious Jackson

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