Mountains at Harper's Ferry

                                                             Mountains at Harper’s Ferry

Traveling to a new place is always thrilling for many different reasons, and one of those main reasons is a change in scenery. Constantly being surrounded by the same scenery everyday easily gets dull, especially when that scenery is flat and swampy. Although a flat-landed swampy atmosphere may be interesting to someone who has never seen it before, for me it is quite boring. While in Harper’s Ferry I was surrounded by tree-covered mountains, a river, and an incredible amount of rich history. Since the day at Harper’s Ferry was exceptionally hot, I chose to rest in the shade at a place that the group had visited the night before. I chose a spot next to the converging rivers, along a mountainside. While sitting on a bench drinking water and exhausted from the heat, I took a moment to look around and began reflecting on my surroundings. The mountains that were neighboring me were so beautiful and so foreign to me that I couldn’t believe that I was actually surrounded by them. The water flowing through the river was so calm and beautiful that I couldn’t help but admire the beauty. Things don’t look like that in Louisiana, and although the people living in and around Harper’s Ferry might find the mountains and rivers dull or boring, I certainly didn’t. Besides the physical beauty, Harper’s Ferry had a rich history which also made it an enjoyable place to be in. Not only were the buildings interesting to look at, but the history was also exciting to listen to. The extensive amount of history alongside the remarkable beauty of the surrounding nature made my experience at Harper’s Ferry memorable.

Mollie DeMoor

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